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My name is Marcel Tetrault, and I am the founder of Magnonic Software. This is a one-man operation; I manage the website, create the programs and provide support for them. My main focus is to provide useful utility programs for Windows that are easy to use. Most of my programs are written in legacy VB but I have recently shifted towards C# for new projects. This website is mostly written in HTML with some SSI, CSS, PHP and a little Java Script.

I am currently enrolled as a student at the University of Manitoba in Canada and work as a technical support agent for a local cable company. I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminology, and a minor in Computer Science. I am now a second degree student in the Bachelor of Science program working on a Computer Science degree.

As a teenager, I was fairly knowledgeable when it came to computers, but I did not have a clue how to actually create programs, nor did it really spark my interest; I assumed it was too complicated. I quickly overcame my preconceived notions after taking a computer science course in Grade 12. The concept of being able to use my imagination to create something I could share with others is what really piqued my interest. Before I even completed the course I was jumping ahead and creating my own programs. Admittedly, many of my early programs served little practical purpose and were not very pretty to look at, but each one has been part of a great learning experience.

I hope you enjoy my programs and website!


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