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Instant File Opener allows you to create a list of multiple files, programs, folders, and URLs to be opened at the same time by opening a single special file or by logging into Windows. Files are opened with their associated program (e.g. MP3 files with Windows Media Player). You can add any type of item to a list: video files, music files, documents, text files, programs, folders, website URLs, and much more!

Lists can be saved as special files that automatically open everything in your list or that pop-up a selection menu to allow a user to pick what to open. For maximum efficiency and portability, a list can be saved as a VBScript file or in a special Instant File Opener file format. Instant File Opener is a quick and easy way to open many different things. It will increase your productivity and organization.

Example of using Instant File Opener: You may wish to continue working on an important assignment in Microsoft Word as soon as you start your computer and you do not want to forget or become distracted. Simply add the document's file (ex: MyAssignment.doc) to the list, and the document will open in Microsoft Word when Windows loads. And if you like listening to a certain song or playlist while you're working, simply add that song or playlist to the list too!

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