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Magnonic Software (Magnonic.com) respects the privacy of its users and is committed to protecting such privacy in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Magnonic Software will not sell or trade any information it collects on its users.

External Links

Magnonic.com may contain links to other websites which are not monitored or controlled by Magnonic Software. Accordingly, Magnonic Software assumes no responsibility or liability for their content.

Software Purchases & Donations

Magnonic Software uses PayPal to accept and process donations and software orders. Please regularly review PayPal’s privacy policy: http://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/ua/policy_privacy-outside

Your credit card number will never be revealed to Magnonic Software when purchasing our products or when making a donation through PayPal.

The email address registered to your PayPal account will be used to send you a key to unlock your purchased program, and may be used to notify you of future program updates. If you wish to opt out of update notices, please contact Magnonic Software's president.

Information Collected

Magnonic.com does not use cookies. However Magnonic.com does collect some identifiable and non-identifiable information on its visitors to help improve its software, website and customer service. This information may include:

- IP address*
- Country of origin
- Web browser
- Operating system
- Screen resolution
- Referrers
- User agents
- Magnonic.com browsing behaviour

When contacting Magnonic Software, whether it is directly, through one of our Contact Us forms or any other method, your email address, name and all other information disclosed will be kept confidential unless otherwise stated.

Magnonic Software respects its users' privacy and is strongly against the use of spyware, trojans, viruses, worms and other malicious tools and code used in applications. If you do not have any anti-virus protection or a firewall, please purchase one. Magnonic Software cares about your computer safety!

*IP addresses are logged and may be kept in a password protected file for a limited time period for the purpose of investigating possible malicious visitors and hackers that may or may not be violating Magnonic.com's policies and Terms of Use.

Please Note

Magnonic Software reserves the right to change the terms and conditions regarding its Privacy Policy and general use. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions, and any additional terms posted by Magnonic Software. Your continued use of this website after the effective date of such changes constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to such changes.

For questions regarding this policy, contact Magnonic Software’s President.


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